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Image of a grieving widow who looks confused because she husband just died.

After The Death of Your Husband....

Finally, Discover What Every Widow Wishes She Knew About Grieving

Secrets No One Bothers To Tell Widows

Losing a husband is one of life's most profound challenges.

As widows, embark on a journey filled with complexities, emotions, and uncertainties. Amidst the overwhelming waves of grief, it's essential to recognize that you are not alone.

Welcome to grievingwidowswmatter.com, a sanctuary crafted for widows traversing the intricate path of loss.

Your husband's death launched you on a journey of grief you didn't volunteer or desire to go on.

It is one of the most devastating experiences you will ever experience.

You need to know that navigating through your grief is a journey that doesn't have an obvious destination.

I'm genuinely sorry that you lost your husband.

And I know you have already discovered that grief is a complex and deeply personal experience.

Another thing you will discover is that grief from your loss is incredibly challenging to understand and that grieving is necessary if you want to get on with a healthy life.

You are probably wondering if you will ever be happy again.  Yes, you will

Unfortunately, your life won't return to normal, but you will create a new normal.


There are number of reasons why
the grief process is complicated.

  • Because of the Emotional Pain
    Grief brings intense emotions like sadness, anger, confusion, and loneliness. These emotions can be overwhelming and challenging to confront. It's normal to want to avoid pain, and that instinct can make it hard to embrace your grieving process fully.
  • Because there is the Fear of Letting Go
    Grief often involves letting go of the physical presence of your husband and adjusting to life without him.

    Fear of letting go is frightening, and it may feel like you are betraying your husband's memory. It's normal to feel guilty or worry that moving forward means forgetting or dishonoring your husband's memory.
  • Because of the amount of Change and Uncertainty
    There is no way to avoid the changes in relationships, traditions, and lfiestyle tha always comes with loss.
  • Because there are always Social Expectations
    People around you may unintentionally or intentionally convey messages encouraging you to move on quickly.

    Those expectations or pressures can influence your perception of how you should grieve or how long your grieving process should last. And that, in turn, makes it challenging to embrace and process your grief at your own pace.

    You may try to avoid grief altogether by suppressing it as a means of self-protection because the pain of loss can be so overwhelming that you may unconsciously try to shield yourself from it.

    Unfortunately, suppressing grief will hinder the healing process and prolong your pain in the long run.
  • Because grief can cause you to experience a Crisis of faith and belief in God
    Often, we overlook the spiritual part of our life  especially when we are grieving.

    Feeling a sense of injustice or blaming God for your suffering is not uncommon when you are experiencing intense pain and sorrow.

    Feeling like God has forgotten you is a common struggle in grief also. It can be challenging to reconcile the loss of your husband with the belief in a loving, caring Heavenly Father.

it's important to remember that...

Grieving is a natural, normal, and necessary part of your healing process.

Because you will encounter many complicated challenges. 

Also, one last thought, there is no one right way to grieve, but there are many unhealthy wrong ways to grieve.

Everyone's journey is unique. Yours will be unique, but there are also similarities other widows experiences in their grieving process that you can benefit from on your journey.

Give yourself permission to grieve for as long as it takes!

How To Navigate Your Grief Journey
With An Easy To Follow Process

The one thing that separates our grief Journey approach from other grief sites is an easy-to-follow process. 

It’s a process that follows a path of tiny steps instead of creating a confusing mountain of information that may go nowhere. 

Every topic follows tiny steps that are easy to understand and navigate.

It allows you not just to learn but to remember and quickly implement any of the strategies and tactics.

I’ve spent many hours on the Internet. And it saddens me to see some of the advice and misinformation that’s mostly padded fluff that is the opposite of helpful.

I set up this website to bring a sense of simplicity to grief topics that will be helpful for widows.  

On this website, you’ll discover the magic of tiny increments for yourself.

P.S. You’ll notice the tiny increments in the eBook below - “Discover The 7 Secrets Every Widow Wishes She Knew About Grief After The Death Of Her Husband”.

Two feet with three question marks representing confusion on which direction a grieving widow should go to overcome her grief after her husbands death.

Most widows don't know where to begin as they navigate through their grief.  We have a wealth of helpful, encouraging, and comforting information for grieving widows to help during this difficult season in your life.

How do you know what to try as
you navigate through your grief Journey?

Picture of C S Lewis who wrote A Grief Observed

“Grief is like a long valley, a winding valley where any bend may reveal a totally new landscape.”

C S Lewis

From "A Grief Observed"

Many of the ideas I present here are based on biblical principles. 

I don’t know if you you practice any particular faith, don't believe in God, or feel distant from God, it doesn't matter, the information you find here can still help you.

Our website is filled with practical information that will encourage you as you grieve, regardless of your perspective on religion.

Image of a grieving widow who looks confused because she husband just died.

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Image of a grieving widow who looks confused because she husband just died.

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There Is Life After Grief For Widows

It is impossible to know how long your grief will last because grieving is complicated and there are many different factors to consider.  

But the intensity will get weaker as time goes by.  But all your grief will never completely go away.

If you will allow me, I’d like to walk with you on your grief journey so you don’t have to go it alone.

My desire is to help you process your grief and to think about what life after the loss of your husband might look like.

You will be happy again? 

Will your life get back to normal? No!  But you will discover a new normal. 

I know that is hard news to process, but I believe what you will find on this website will enable you to face the future with new hope and confidence.

It's crucial to give yourself permission to grieve and seek support from understanding friends, family, or professionals who can provide comfort and guidance during your challenging grief journey.

The one thing that separates the work of GrievingWidowsMatter.com  is tiny increments. 

Whether you read a book, attend a workshop, do an online course or listen to a podcast—you'll find there's an elegant system in place.

It's a system that follows a path of tiny increments, instead of creating yet another mountain of information that goes nowhere. Every topic is de-constructed into itty-bitty steps that are easy to understand. It allows the client to not just learn, but to retain and easily implement any of the marketing strategies and tactics.

I’ve spent way too many hours on the Internet. And I’m sick of get-rich-quick schemes, and information that’s mostly padded fluff. The reason I set up this website was to bring a sense of simplicity to topics such as marketing strategy, customer retention, internet marketing, psychological tactics, content marketing and small business ideas.

But then, you'll discover the magic of tiny increments for yourself.

P.S. You'll notice the tiny increments in the Headline Report below.


We bereaved are not alone. We belong to the largest company in all the world – the company of those who have known suffering.”

From the book, "We Bereaved"