Grieving Widows Musings

I'm Howie. An ordained pastor, grief support teacher and blogger
dedicated to helping widows journey through grief to find happiness again.

First, let me tell you that being a pastor is about so much more than preaching and officiating weddings.

One of the hardest, yet most profound duties I’ve had is conducting funerals. I’ve stood beside countless families during life's toughest moments, helping them say goodbye to their loved ones.

In my time offering comfort and guidance during these painful farewells, I noticed something important: months and even years after the funeral, many people still feel lost in a sea of grief and sorrow.

Grief can feel like a foreign language, leaving you feeling adrift, overwhelmed by emotions you don't know how to handle.

That realization inspired me to create a place of support, community, and understanding—a beacon of hope in the storm, a lifeboat in the rough seas of grief.

I started 12-week support groups grounded in timeless psychological and Biblical principles, focusing on how to navigate through the aftermath of losing a loved one. These groups offer a safe space to share, practical strategies for coping, and guidance on finding hope and healing.

It became more than just a group; it turned into a transformative haven.

Widows, in particular, found comfort and solace here. In fact, around 80% of those who attend my support groups are widows.

Here’s what some widows have shared about their experience:


"This grief support group saved my life."

"I found understanding here, something I thought was impossible."

"It's a safe place for me to share what's really on my mind."

Image of a grieving widow who looks confused because she husband just died.

So, to you, dear widow, who never imagined being on this path: I’m here for you. I can’t take away the pain, but I promise you won’t have to walk this journey alone.

Your life has changed in ways you never expected, and I know it’s incredibly tough. But within these pages and discussions, I hope you’ll find glimmers of hope, strategies to face tomorrow, and the strength to keep moving forward.

While much of what we discuss here comes from Biblical teachings, this space isn’t about religion. Whether your faith is strong, uncertain, or distant, the wisdom and support shared here are meant for everyone, regardless of religious beliefs.

This blog isn’t just words on a screen—it’s a lifeline. Practical, heartfelt, and sincere, it’s here to uplift you on this journey, no matter where you are on your grief journey.

So, I invite you to join us.

Participate in the discussions and activities at your own pace and comfort level. Let’s navigate this together.

With warmth and hope,